Cookies Policy

As a casino player, you should be aware of how your data is used.

We at (“We”, “Us” or the “Company”) want to make sure you are informed about the cookies We use.

Cookies allow us to gather anonymized data which helps improve our Website and Services for you. Links or advertisements to third-party content (together with the Website this is referred to as the “Services”) may occasionally appear on our Website. Before You decide to share your data with those sites, We advise you to read their Cookie policies closely.

Acceptance & Disabling Cookies

By continuing to use this website along with any associated links throughout it implies acceptance of both use of all types listed above plus any tracking technologies described within this Cookie Policy itself; however, it’s important to note that none of these stored items contain personal information which can be used to reveal your identity or any sensitive details such as financial ones either! For those who wish not to have these enabled on their device(s), it’s still possible to disable creation through altering settings within their web browser accordingly — though doing so could reduce overall performance on both the website as well as available features within its associated services too!

How we Use Cookies

At our Canadian casino website, we use cookies and other technologies to help make your experience more enjoyable and tailored to you. Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on a user’s computer or device for record-keeping purposes. They allow us to customize our website by tracking the user’s preferences, such as which pages they spend the most time on and which advertisements they respond to. This helps us improve our services and enhance their experience while visiting.

Most web browsers are set up to accept cookies by default, but if users would prefer not to have them enabled, then they can opt-out by changing the settings of their browser. However, disabling cookies may result in certain features being disabled or not working correctly. Here is a breakdown of how we use cookies on our affiliate website:

  • To improve user experience – By tracking user preferences and usage trends, we can better tailor content towards them so that it is more relevant and interesting. We can also provide targeted adverts and promotional material based on these preferences.
  • To analyze usage trends – By monitoring which areas of the site are most used and popular, we can identify trends in usage patterns which will allow us to develop new strategies for enhancing the usability of our website.
  • For marketing purposes – Cookies allow us to send targeted adverts and promotional material based on what information is stored in the cookie. This offers a great way for users to find out about new products or services they may be interested in while also helping us promote our current offerings.
  • To combine personal data with cookie data when necessary – In some cases where it is necessary, we may need to combine account profiles with cookie data in order to provide a better service for players.

We understand that some people might have concerns about allowing us access through cookies; however, these provide a great value in terms of helping us offer better content that is both useful and interesting for our players. Disabling cookies may also remove any browser customizations you have made as well as opting out from certain sites that utilize them for tracking opt-outs/unsubscribes.

It is important for us at Canadian Casino site that our players have an enjoyable experience while using our website; this is why we take great care when using the information collected through the utilization of cookies. We hope this has helped clarify how we make use of cookies here at online casino!

What cookies do we use on our website?

We use a variety of cookies on our website to provide you with the best possible user experience. These include essential, analytical/performance, functionality and targeting cookies.

  • Essential cookies are necessary for the basic functions of our website and enable us to provide services that you request, like allowing you to navigate between pages efficiently and remember your preferences. Without these cookies, our website would not be able to operate properly.
  • Analytical/performance cookies allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors on our website, as well as track how they move around when using it. We use this data to further improve your browsing experience by making navigation easier and presenting content that is more relevant to you. We also use it to optimize search results so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • Functionality cookies help us identify returning visitors and personalize content according to their preferences. This includes remembering language or region selections so we can greet you by name when you come back and present content according to your chosen settings.
  • Targeting cookies record your visit to our website, what pages you view and which links you follow. This information is used by us to make sure that the content we offer on our website is tailored specifically around your interests and we may even share it with third parties for this purpose.

Please note that third parties (such as advertising networks or providers of external services such as web traffic analysis) may also use their own cookies over which we have no control. These could be either analytical/performance or targeting type of cookie; both collect data about usage patterns in order to show customized content or analyze online activity trends in order to better target marketing campaigns at customers who are more likely interested in certain products or services.

Cookies Used

Cookie NameExpiration DateThird-Party?Reason for UseClassification
fr1 MinuteYesUsed by Facebook for advertising purposes.Targeting/Advertising
__cfduid1 YearYesUsed for security and threat detection purposes (
_delighted_fst20 YearsYesUsed for security and threat detection purposes (
_ga2 YearsYesUsed to distinguish users (Google Analytics).Performance
_gat1 MinuteYesUsed to throttle request rate (Google Analytics).Performance
_gid1 DayYesUsed to distinguish users (Google Analytics).Performance
btagNeverNoAffiliate referrer.Targeting
btag_data14 DaysNoAffiliate tracking, set with arbitrary data sent to us in a query string parameter when a user visits the page from an affiliate.Targeting/Advertising
clickID14 DaysNoAffiliate tracking, set with arbitrary data sent to us in a query string parameter when a user visits the page from an affiliate.Targeting/Advertising
firstTimeLoginVisitNeverNoOnce the user logs in to the site this cookie is set to detect whether in the future we should show the user the signup page or login page when they visit a page that requires authentication.Functionality
sly-ckd365 DaysNoOnce the user has accepted and confirmed our use of cookies (via the cookie disclaimer) this is set in order to not re-show the cookie disclaimer.Functionality
sly-lngNeverNoStores the user’s current language to keep the site in the language they selected.Functionality
sly-pyld14 DaysNoSame as above another parameter that can be seen.Targeting/Advertising
LastGames30 YearsNoStores the user last played games.Functionality